Commander’s Address

Walk With the Warriors Inc.
(Hashkeh nabah yilt yikah) Walking with KIA’s, MIA’s, POW’s also Walking With You

To: Whom may concern
Fr: Jake Singer
Commander Walk With the WarriorWalk
PO Box 145
Winchester CA 92596

Ref: Commander Jake’s address to all members of the WWW Inc. membership.

Greetings Everyone;
A one-day event in Washington DC, involves a lot of work and dedication. We have been focusing on Nov. 7th all these years. A wonderful and special day it is and will be even more so when we get the day recognized as an American Indian Veterans Day. We have been asked many times over, “Why November 7th”?

The whole month of November has been put aside by the US Government to acknowledge and show respect to the American Indian People, the indigenous people of North America. November is also the last month of the season before winter starts.

You plant the seed in the spring and watch it grow through summer. You harvest what you’ve planted in the fall; by November what has been harvested is nicely put away in storage ready for winters’ use. Around this time of the year a lot of Indian Tribes have special ceremonies to show respect and say, “Thank You”, to Nature and the Creator.

The most proper time of the season to rejoice the successes and accomplishment of the long hard year. We don’t want to over look one of the main reason why we have our successes….Our Warriors. Our MIA, KIA, and POW. They indirectly made us who we are. The number Seven is a special and a sacred number. It identifies our seven main bodily function, it activates our seven main energy form, it intercedes our seven main characteristics, it correlates the seven main points of the Energy Sphere, east, south, west, north, down, up, and center.

One of the basic numbers the Great Creator used while creating the Heaven and the Earth. Dominantly special it is and so are our American Indian Warriors. They bring us a sense of security, contentment, happiness, and glorious days. We can live however way we please with lots of freedom.

We can complain and make excuses to get out of things. Our conscience tells us we should give back to our veterans, but we don’t. “Action speaks louder than words”. Let us not think our triumph has been in vain, due to lack of trust, lack of understanding. Some of us have been at the grinding wheel like forever.

The main thing that keeps us going is hope. Hope that some day our prayers and wishes will be answered. What we are dealing with is not a small task and we haven’t even begun yet. What do we mean when we say, “We want to bring recognition to our American Indian Warriors”? We want to make our Warriors as one of our forerunners in the Federal level, State level, and Tribal level.

In other words, get them out of the dark shadows and bring them back out into the limelight. There is always a traditional saying that interferes with our trend of thought. Tradition says, “we are not beggars, we are not cry babies”. Sometimes we are too timid and afraid to come forward and ask for what is rightfully ours. All we are asking for is what has been promised to us.

Tradition also tells us, “If you make a promise you have to follow through with that promise”. Let us understand; we are dealing with people who don’t give a hoot about our tradition. They have their own set of rules, which they call Democracy. You are not part of the Democracy until you’ve raised your hand to vote. In their eyes you are still a nobody if you don’t Vote, no matter how much Tax you pay.

We all know the rest of the story as far as that goes. I am proud of all of you, I know you see this and came forward to help. Again, what we are doing here is for us, Us…. as indigenous people. Us as the first people of the North American Continent. Bring back the tradition, put the Legs, the Arms, and the Voices back to our Warriors.

Because through them we have hope for our future. Because they raised their hands and died for this hope. They too suffered in prison camps, they too are missing and never been found. So those of us who made it through the horror of War understand we aim to get what is rightfully ours. If you have a young and healthy Son or Daughter, they might decide to join the military on their own, whether you want them to or not. Simply because that is an easy way out for them in life. The military offers a lot of good and bad alike.

We have to teach them the right way to be a Solder, not all the stuff they hear from the Recruiting Officers. Then we have to prepare a place for them to come back to. A place where they can put their hearts, mind, body, and soul with ease, trust, and faith. No matter how small or how big you have donated, in time, effort, and money. Know that you have done it for you, and your Warriors.

You have not wasted your time or your money. I have been with the WWW Inc. organization since 1990 and spent thousands of dollars of my own money. I believe in the organization and what it is doing for the American Indian People in general and it’s Warriors. I know I will never get my money back but I know down deep in my heart, the money is well spent.

One great thing about this Organization, you get to meet a lot of good and wonderful people who believe. People with great pride and faith. People who can truly stand on their own two feet and say I am a believer. As a Commander for the Walk With the Warriors Inc., I represent a small fraction of its’ lobbyism. I believe in its resolutions and judgments.

I believe in my Executive Staff and Board of Directors. We do not have regular meetings, but we are in constant contact with each other, either by phone or Internet. I am proud and glade to be working with each of you, your suggestion and time you put into the organization is becoming a reality. “More power to each of you.”

We know and understand that there will always be criticisms and someone always trying to make us stumble. We give all those kind of negative adversities to the Creator. He will know what to do with them. I want to extend my gratitude and appreciation to our newest Organizational Membership. The Teecto Veteran Organization and Dilcon Veterans Organization. Welcome to the membership of the Walk With the Warriors Inc. You’ve all done tremendous work in a short time, not only in fund raising, but also establishing unity between our Tribal Government and the State Legislature.

It is all about Unity and working together with the same commonality and goals. We have a lot of people from different Nationality working with us because they too believe our triumphs are good and worthy causes. The hill has been steep and we are almost at the top. The rest will be downhill, so hang in there and don’t give up. We don’t want to be just part of the History, we want to make History.

Wish all of you well until we see each other again.

Note: Walk of the Warrior and Walk With the Warrior is one and the same. All we did was change the name in 1995. All it’s deeds and accomplishments still belongs to the WWW Inc. Still the same person with the same personality, just changed the clothing and washed its’ face. Keep an eye out for Frauds.

With great Love and Respect;
Walk With the Warriors Inc.
Jake Singer


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