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Veterans Day Activities 2009

Veteran’s Day 2009 has come and gone. We are very thankful that we were able to have another Vigil Walk in Washington DC this year. Chaplin Roy Hoffman said the opening prayer. Chaplin Roy Hoffman also read a letter sent by Senator Inouye-Dem. Hawaii (click to read) to Walk With Warriors. That was followed by a Pipe Ceremony conducted by Bill Edwards.

After the Pipe ceremony we were able to honor a few veterans with Eagle feathers. They were presented by a young Marine Corps combat Veteran from the Iraq War.

We were also able to formally recognized a senior member of PFPA. He is a Lt. with the force and a Vietnam Era Veteran.

We then had traditional Navajo Blessing songs and prayers conducted by Thomas Singer of Dilkon and Leroy Gonnie of Teesto, AZ.

We also had a baby naming ceremony. Inside the courtyard of the Pentagon no less!

We were very fortunate this year to have our very own personal photographer. His name is Richard Mullen, he is a co-worker of Kim Sowinski.

After concluding our ceremonies at the Pentagon, we then walked over the Korean Memorial, it was a beautiful day and as we made our way to the Memorial many people waved and honked as we walked.

Many Thanks to all of those that acknowledged us by waving, and/or honking their horns.
When we arrived at the Korean War Memorial many of the visitors and tourists we excited to witness our wreath laying ceremony.

After the conclusion of the wreath laying ceremony we had a few hours to visit with one another and look around at the Capital. Later that day we gathered on the Washington Mall for NAC meetings. There were three Teepee’s. Our photographer got some excellent night shots of the teepee’s with the Washington Monument in the background.

Walk With the Warriors Inc. wants to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to all of the wonderful people that helped to make the ceremonies and walk possible. I would list names but I am afraid I may leave someone out. So with that I say,