Gathering of Warriors Event 2014

Gathering of Warriors Event 2014 National Mall in Washington D. C.


Tó Łikan (Sweetwater) Chapter Area Veterans’ Group & Hashtl ishnii (Mud Clan) Relatives

Gathering of Warriors
November 7th- 9th, 2014
Washington, DC

Roadmen Conducting Services:

Teepee 1: John Tom

Teepee 2: Ernest Begay

Teepee 3: Dilkon/Teestoh Area Veterans Leroy Thomas

Teepee 4: Raymond Jones

Gathering of Warriors Event 2014 National Mall in Washington D. C.

The Gathering of Warriors event has been taking place annually in early November since 2002 to honor Native American veterans by means of Native American Church prayers. Many relatives have attended to pray for and honor current members of the U.S. Armed Forces, military veterans and their families.

The tradition of these gatherings continues as we express concerns for their selfless sacrifices, dedication and well-being.

This year there will be four teepees on the National Mall in Washington, C.C. Good words and prayers will be expressed in support of our veteran relatives near and far. Instead of signing petitions, protesting, and holding rallies, we will be gathered in an all night vigil with good thoughts, songs, prayers, and words of support and encouragement.

This is a very different approach in expressing our concerns and up until 2002, this has never been done before.

Please abide by park rules and regulations by parking in appropriate parking lots and spaces, Parking spaces are best available in the early morning hours. There will be NO PARKING allowed next to the teepees. The only exception will be for deliveries. Please sign uo for tours by contacting Kelly at 808-346-7534 for more information in regards to schedule and costs.


This day will be set up for tours if enough people sign up. Tours will run approximately 6 hours. First tour starts at 10 am and the last tour is at 2pm.

6am – Sunrise Ceremony with morning prayers for the gathering at selected teepee grounds. Set up of teepees. Preparations will be made for test of the day. Tours will still be available.

4:30 – Speaker presentation by veterans’ organizations in regards to the purpose for the ceremony.

5:00 – Dinner for whoever wants to eat. Presentation and introduction of Roadmen.

6:30 – Clean-up/dismiss for start of prayer services.

7:00 – Taps sound off. Services begin.

5:30 – Flag raising ceremony by Sweet Water Veterans’ Group.

6:00 – Conclusions of ceremony by sunrise. Coffee and pastries available.

12:00 – Potluck. Please feel free to bring prepared food ready to serve.

Thank You in Advance

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