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The original name for Walk With the Warrior Inc. was Walk of the Warriors Inc. The group was first organized by Milton Chee, Francis Mitchell, Tommy Draper, Amos Yazzie, and Jackie Singer in September of 1990 for the sole purpose of bringing recognition to all Navajo Veterans by walking and making marches, dressed in uniforms and carrying the colors.

There were many successes in working with the local veterans’ groups and VFW’s, of Shiprock, NM, Farmington, NM, and Aztec, NM. Over the next three years Walk of the Warriors made many small marches on Flag Days, Memorial Days, Veterans Days and promotional events.

Each year a Long Walk was made in honor of the Vietnam Veterans. The organization staged walks every Memorial Day between Thoreau NM and Farmington NM, a 127 miles walk. The purpose of these walks was to attract media attentions and tell the world about the true living conditions of all veterans and American Indian Veterans and also to let the Navajo Tribal Government, State Government, and US Government that there is a great need for better benefits for all veterans not to exclude our American Indian Veterans.

Due to the astonishing and unexpected successes the promotional activities expanded to also included all veterans, combat or non-combat veterans. Non-combat soldiers went through the same type of training and would have been there if called upon. They too raised their hands and gave up their lives to the U.S. Military for freedom.

Then in 1993 a long walk was made in honor of the Vietnam Women’s Memorial in Washington DC. The walk began in Farmington NM on August 27th 1993 and arrived at the memorial site, in Washington D.C. on Nov. 6th 1993. It was a long hard walk but a great success attracting media attention. Unfortunately soon after the walk to DC, the organization separated because some of the group members had other obligations and commitments.

Through the interest of the membership a new administration was formed and a new name was initiated, which would be Walk With the Warriors Inc., however all the awards and accomplishments made by the Walk of the Warriors would still be owned by the Walk With the Warriors Inc. Both names are considered as one and the same and cannot be used by anybody for promotion, advertisement, or any activities not sanctioned by the organizations board of directors.

The new name would acknowledge the MIA, POW, and KIA, the ones who gave the ultimate sacrifice. They are the real Warriors and we will walk with them to complete the walk they have started and never completed. The group wanted to honor all veterans regardless of color, creed, or religion, and to never forget why they died and suffered.

It was decided that the purpose of the organization would also be, to acknowledge the important role they play in combat and non-combat environments and the important role they play in General Society, Governmental Legislatures, and Tribal Customs.

The purpose of the organization is to re-instill the initial thought process of what a Veteran is and how he or she is a part of our everyday life, for they’ve won us our freedom. They were willing to give up their lives for the land they love. In return they expected to receive what the U.S. Government promised to them:
good benefits concerning health, education, and welfare without due process.

Walk With the Warriors Inc. is a veteran organization that is in the forefront for heading legislation in congress, to make November 7th, the National Native American Indian Veterans Day.

Whether this day becomes a National Holiday is still in the making. For sure it will be the recognition day for our Native American Indian Warriors, history is in the making and not a day too soon.

For centuries the Native American Indian Warriors have endured every bit of the traumatic experiences a War has to offer. They have stood the test, they have challenged the enemies, and they have touched their enemies while the enemies were still alive.

American Indian Veterans Day will re-inspires self-pride, family-pride, and self-respect. This will set the stage for a warrior to settle back into society without grief and despair. To many of our warriors are here in body, but their minds, and spirits are still on the battlefield.

We had a lot of people asked the question, why we picked the seventh day of Nov.

On the Legislative side November is recognized as the National American Indian Month. It is already a custom and is observed as such. The number 7 is a sacred number and is observed by American Indian Nations across the country. It is used in ceremonial practices to acknowledge Deities.

The American Indian people interpret the number 7 as a sacred number because the Creator used it so many times in his creation of the heaven and the earth. For the purpose of pursuing the common causes we encourage unity within all veteran organizations and also throughout the Indian country.

As veterans of the Armed Forces we all need a time and a place to do our Victory Dances, as is the custom of our Ancestral Warriors. We want to be victorious in every aspect of human life. We want the equal opportunity that we sacrificed for.


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