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Car repair Fees Available

The transmission repair company AAMCO is prepared to pay a significant sum to repair the car of a veteran or active duty soldier who can’t afford to have his/her car fixed. Do anyone know of someone who has serious car problems of any kind that could benefit from this offer from AAMCO?

We learned of one story at the Annual Meeting this past Saturday where the company paid over seven thousand dollars to get a veteran’s car in shape. We have only one shot at this since they are only fixing one car in each state of the union. No one has come forward in Virginia. Please get the word out that AAMCO will get their mechanical wreck fixed at no expense to them. It must be handled through the MOPH. So, if you know of someone have them get in touch with me.

Also, spread the word as best you can so that one of our worthy brethren can partake of the great free order to get their car running again. The name of the veteran has to be submitted to National Headquarters by May 31st. So, have that young man or woman in touch with me as soon as possible. We need to make this happen for a deserving veteran in need.

Jim Cuthbertson
Greater Richmond
Chapter, #1965
Military Order of the Purple Heart
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804-683-1496 (cell)